In These Stressed Economic Times, Why Leave Money on the Table When Buying or Selling Your Used Car?

Horsham, Pennsylvania – July 11, 2022 – Poised for launch this month in Philadelphia, Motobyo has been designed by experienced tech and auto industry professionals with the intent to give consumers control in the buying and selling of used cars.

Control is something that most used vehicle buyers and sellers have traditionally yielded to the existing auto industry model, with time-intensive on-site transactions that leave many unsatisfied, exhausted, and confused.

“What I’ve learned from over 20 years in the automotive industry is that car buyers and sellers leave a lot of money on the table because they don’t understand the process, the finances, and ultimately surrender control over the transaction just to get it over with,” said George Lekas, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Motobyo. “Consumers have been failing at this for a long time, and it always comes back to a lack of control. We’ve designed powerful solutions that put the control into the hands of the consumer.”

Motobyo’s proprietary, patent-pending pricing and auction tools are at the heart of its innovative used car marketplace, complemented by rich information and research tools as well as best-in-class service partnerships including auto financing, extended vehicle protection plans, insurance and DMV services.

“In a time of economic turmoil, what’s important is getting a fair value for the vehicle whether you are a buyer or seller,” Lekas said. “Why would you leave money on the table when you can maximize the value for yourself. Motobyo is the platform where consumers can be better informed, where they can have success, and where they can participate in the process as much as they wish – they have the control.”

Motobyo empowers both buyers and sellers with the knowledge, transparency and resources they need to take control of their used car buying and selling process, without any outside pressure.

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