Launching in Philadelphia Today, Motobyo is the Best Way to Sell A Used Car – Get More Money, Get it Faster

Horsham, PA – July 18, 2022 – One of the worst economic periods of the past 40 years has helped create the hottest used car market in recent memory.

However, this increased sales volume at traditional dealerships hasn’t spurred innovation for consumers who are looking to sell their used cars, as the process is still as confusing and complex as ever.

Selling a used car through the traditional channels just isn’t fun. The established model is stressful, hard to understand and not designed to help a consumer succeed on their own. Quite simply the deck is stacked against you – negotiating with a professional buyer. Congratulations, you just sold your car for less than market value just to get the transaction over with and get out of there as quickly as possible.

Selling a used car privately is no picnic either. You can list your car on one of the current automotive websites or marketplaces that are dominated by dealerships who pay for premium placement, and your ad is likely never to be seen. Or sellers can put their vehicle for sale on a generic marketplace known more for selling used baby strollers. The average consumer vehicle listing is an afterthought for these marketplaces, offering zero assistance to either the seller or buyer to complete the transaction.

Wouldn’t it be extraordinary if there was a solution that made your success their priority? Now there is. The designers of Motobyo have created a tech-driven platform that makes the process of selling a used car simple and straightforward.

On Motobyo, sellers can choose between two convenient paths to get their vehicle sold: an instant cash offer that can be redeemed immediately or auction their vehicle on the Motobyo private party auction platform to maximize their return. Either path starts with answering three simple questions about their vehicle and receiving the offers. It’s that simple – the projected values are displayed in seconds, and sellers choose the route they’d like to take in selling their vehicle.

The process of redeeming the instant cash offer is easy. Simply save your offer and choose a conveniently located “Buying Center” from Motobyo’s map where you’ll exchange your vehicle for a check. The offer is valid for ten days, allowing you time to clean out the vehicle and say your goodbyes.

If maximizing your return is the objective, then listing your vehicle on Motobyo’s auction platform is the right way to go. Auctions last for one week and allow you to receive bids from private party buyers. Motobyo provides a wide array of features and solutions designed to make the buying process as smooth and simple as the selling process. Those features empower bidders, creating an active buying environment that help sellers achieve maximum value for their vehicle.

Either way, Motobyo sellers are guaranteed a transparent, stress-free sale in ten days or less.

Motobyo’s private party e-commerce marketplace is designed to give both used car sellers and buyers the control, power and convenience that the current antiquated system lacks. There is not another solution built specifically to ensure success for private party used car buyers and sellers.

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