Consumer Trust and Safety are Cornerstones of Motobyo, Empowering Private-Party Used Car Buyers and Sellers

Horsham, PA – August 1, 2022 – Currently, there are 13 million private-party used car transactions per year in the United States, with 26 million individuals transacting outside traditional dealerships. These volumes remain high despite the many obstacles faced by both buyers and sellers.

The biggest challenge today in private-party transactions is trust.

Trust in pricing.
Trust in the parties involved.
Trust in vehicle condition.

Failure to address any of these can derail a transaction. Motobyo, the used car marketplace that launched last month in the Greater Philadelphia market, has designed a solution to these issues.

The Motobyo proprietary pricing tool provides real-time, market driven valuation data based on actual transactions. This gives the buyer and seller a relevant starting point that reflects the current market conditions, and confidence in reaching an acceptable and fair conclusion.

To address identity and fraud concerns, Motobyo has partnered with the nation’s premier ID verification firm to create a confidence score, confirming the individual is who they claim to be. Motobyo verifies every registered user with the same technology employed by American Express, VRBO and other top rated companies.

Regarding vehicle condition verification, Motobyo works with local, franchised repair centers to complete independent inspections that are available for review by prospective buyers. Motobyo provides easy access to vehicle history reports. Buyers no longer have to rely solely on the seller’s description of “their baby”, which rarely matches reality.

Safety and trust are cornerstones of the Motobyo marketplace. Easily accessible “how-to” guides, tutorials, and expert advice available at helps guide consumers along a path to confidence and success in the transaction.

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