How A Car Guy Became a Tech Guy and Put it All Together with MOTOBYO

Horsham, Pennsylvania – August 15, 2022 – Motobyo, the used car marketplace that launched last month in the Greater Philadelphia market, was born out of the experiences and business sense of an automotive enthusiast who found a way to better serve customers through technology. This includes both users who want to sell their car online and users who want to buy a used car.

George Lekas started buying and selling cars when he was 14 years old, went to work at a dealership at 17, started a new dealership in the mid-1990s, and built a successful Internet-based premium car dealership in the early 2000’s.

That dealership, Eimports, was one of the first online auto dealers in the country. Always ahead of its time, Lekas’s dealership became one of the largest sellers on the web, which deepened his experience with technology. Serving customers for 28 years provided countless opportunities to observe the challenges that private party sellers face while trying to sell their car.

“I heard all the horror stories from my customers,” said Lekas. “They had tried to sell their vehicle by themselves and failed. I asked why. Whether it was getting a mechanic to inspect the car, buyers calling sellers at random times to look at the car, giving out addresses and phone numbers, or people not showing up when they said they would. These problems forced the seller to “bail” and either sell their car to a dealer or trade it in, even though they knew they could get more money if they sold it on their own.”

“Our core solutions at Motobyo came out of those horror stories. We are all about eliminating those roadblocks for the success of private-party car buyers and sellers, building fairness and trust into the transaction for the good of all.

“We wanted to make Motobyo a one-stop shop for all things automotive,” Lekas said. “That’s why we’ve stacked the deck with all the tech and services you need to complete a simple, trusted and transparent way to buy and sell cars. With Motobyo, you can get fair and real-time pricing, guidance on how to sell your car privately within our platform, certified third-party car inspections, insurance quotes, vehicle service contracts, 50-state DMV registration, and much more.”

Motobyo was built by a car guy who embraced tech solutions to create a customer-focused platform that shifts the balance of auto sales from dealers to consumers. The result: private-party, peer-to-peer transactions where all succeed. For more information visit