Used Ford F-150 vs Used Ram 1500

ford f-150 vs ram 1500

Pick-up trucks dominate US vehicle sales. The most popular and best selling vehicles in America nearly every year are pick-ups.

Whenever you think of a pick-up truck, your mind will generally go to one of two vehicles: the Ford F-150 or the Ram 1500. These iconic pick-ups have been constant in the brand’s lineups for decades and, unsurprisingly, they’re a hit on the used car market as well. These vehicles have been built to handle anything life can throw at them, so even when you’re buying a 20-year-old model, there’s still plenty of life left in it.

If you’ve been hunting for a used car, you should definitely consider getting a truck, even if you haven’t had one before.

For those who haven’t owned a truck before, you might wonder why there’s a longstanding competition between the Ford F-150 vs Ram 1500. Why are these the most popular trucks on the market? We are here to answer that in detail for you today.

Pros & Cons of a Used Ford F-150

white ford f-150 towing a travel trailer
The Ford name has represented American-made quality for almost 120 years. When buying a used Ford F-150, you know for certain that you’re getting a reliable vehicle at a great price — and when it comes to trucks, the F-150 is usually the first thoughts in any buyer’s head.

Pro: High towing and payload capacity

The Ford F-150 is built on a high-strength frame that can handle anything. While the exact payload and towing capacity depends on which model you buy, you can be sure that the F-150 can hold up under heavy stress.

Pro: Military-grade aluminum body (2015 onwards)

For the 2015 model, Ford wanted to break the mold and set a new standard for all pickups going forward. As well as an increase in high-strength steel in its frame (up from 23% to 77%), the 2015 used Ford F-150 came with a body made entirely from military-grade aluminum.

This took out a staggering 700 pounds from the truck’s overall weight, meaning you can haul more while using less gas!

Con: Aluminum body issues

While the switch to an aluminum body improved the strength and fuel efficiency of the F-150, it hasn’t been a positive change for some drivers.

Aluminum is more expensive than steel, which means buying a new truck will cost more than a model from before 2015. Owners have also reported that the aluminum body of the F-150 is prone to paint issues and if the body does get damaged, it’s harder to find a qualified repair facility.

Con: Fuel economy

It’s to be expected on any truck, but the used Ford F-150 sure loves to guzzle gas.

The 2010 F-150 could only manage a combined 15 mpg, going as low as 10 mpg in the city. Of course, any F-150 made from 2015 onwards enjoys much better fuel economy, as much as 30 mpg depending on the model you chose.

Pros & Cons of a Used Ram 1500

silver ram 1500 truck
The Ram pick-up, previously known as the Dodge Ram, can be a perfect truck for newcomers and seasoned truck owners alike. No matter which model you buy, you know you’re getting a solid vehicle that will stand the test of time. But how does the used Ram 1500 stand up vs the F-150?

Pro: High safety ratings

The Ram 1500 has had a solid run of 5/5 safety ratings from the NHTSA between. Previous to those newer models, the vehicle consistently received a 4/5 rating. Even a 20-year-old model will still hold up to the most rigorous of safety tests, having received A “Great” overall evaluation from the IIHS. While the Ram upholds its reliable reputation, be sure to always ask these questions when purchasing any used truck.

Pro: Award-winning range

When it comes to awards season, the Ram 1500 cleans up.

The Ram 1500 was ranked 2021 Truck of the Year by MotorTrend for the third year in a row, and in 2020 it won Green Truck of the Year™ by Green Car Journal for the second consecutive year.

Con: Inconsistent quality

When you’re looking for a used Ram 1500, you’ll find plenty of articles telling you to avoid models from certain years. That’s because there have been a fair share of problems and recalls.

This includes small issues — like the check engine light staying on in the 2003 model — to major concerns like the engine turning off while driving the 2010 5.7 V8. Researching the exact year and model to find these potential issues is important.

Used Ford F-150 vs Used Ram 1500: Head to head

black ram 1500

Which truck is the best option really depends on what you’re looking for.

In terms of trim options and fuel economy (pre-2015), the Ram 1500 often outranks the Ford F-150. The Ram 1500 ranked third among large light-duty pickups in the J.D. Power 2021 Vehicle Dependability Study, while the F-150 didn’t even make the list.

Although the Ram 1500 can be more expensive than the Ford-150, the added value makes the price difference well worth it.
That being said, the Ram 1500 tends to yield below-average resale values. This is great for buyers looking for a truck that will last them a lifetime, but not so good for someone expecting a good return on their investment

And if towing capacity is a key decision-making factor for you, it’s worth noting that the F-150 is capable of pulling a slightly higher load, at 13,200 pounds or 11,500 pounds for the diesel model. The towing capacity of Ram 1500 caps at 12,750 pounds.

Ford F-150 Raptor vs used Ram 1500 TRX

red ram 1500 trx

If you’re looking for an extreme offroading experience, both trucks have models designed from the ground up to handle the most extreme terrain you could imagine.

The Ram 1500 TRX is the first truck to truly test the limits of its competition, and the Ram team certainly think that they’ve got the upper hand. They literally named the new off-road iteration of the 1500 TRX (pronounced T-Rex) with the hope that it would eat the Raptor alive… but does it really have the edge?

Both vehicles look stunning, both are similar in size, and both can scale sand dunes in the morning and still be in one piece to pick the kids up from school in the afternoon.

Going on pure power alone, the Ram TRX will outperform the Raptor. The F-150 Raptor comes with a turbocharged V6 that pushes a respectable 450 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque. That’s not bad, but the Ram 1500 TRX packs a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 which cranks out a staggering 702 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque.

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Basically, both of these used pickup trucks are awesome! You’ll love your truck, no matter what you decide!

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