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EVs that Hold Value the Best

For a long time, EVs have been notoriously some of the worst cars when it comes to holding value. But the market is changing, and some manufacturers have built models that hold their value better than others.

Today, we look at the top electric vehicles that hold their value the best in 2023 — and the reasons behind this.

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How Well Do EVs Hold Their Value

How Well Do EVs Hold Their Value?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are taking over the automotive industry. They still account for a very small sliver of the total market, but more and more buyers are considering an EV as an alternative. But while everyone loves the idea of saving on fuel costs, how much will you be able to sell your EV for in the future? How well do EVs hold their value, and should you invest in one? Join us as we take you through the electrifying world of car depreciation.

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Resale Value Electric Vehicles vs Gas Vehicles

Resale Value: Electric Vehicles Vs Gas Vehicles

Owning an electric vehicle (EV) comes with many benefits, including a reduced cost to maintain and lower cost to change vs. refueling a gas powered vehicle. Unfortunately, resale value is not one of those benefits, especially when compared to your traditional gas-powered vehicles.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that EVs may not eventually amass a comparable resale value to their gas-powered counterparts. For now, though, it’s important for car buyers and sellers alike to understand what factors into the resale value of these vehicles to help make better purchase decisions.

In this article, we’ll explain the EV vs gas resale value phenomenon so you can get a better understanding of the reasoning behind the EVs poor depreciation.

Keep reading to learn more.

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10 Cars with the Best Resale Value

10 Cars with the Best Resale Value in 2023

As we all know, a brand new car will lose at least 9-11% of its value as soon as it’s driven off the lot. However, there are some cars that hold value better than others. It’s important to know what cars these are, especially when it comes to buying and selling them.

Below are the top 10 cars with the highest resale value:

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10 cars that depreciate the fastest

10 Cars that Depreciate the Fastest in 2023

Here’s some good news and bad news about buying a new car. The good news is that you can impress your friends and turn everyone’s heads. The bad news? That car may be a money pit, depreciating so much in value that you wish you never bought it.

In fact, some cars depreciate so quickly that you can hear money leaving your wallet. Therefore, before you contemplate putting money in that sedan or SUV, check out this list of 10 cars with the highest depreciation rates.

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red jeep wrangler by edge of a beautiful canyon ant sunset

Buying a New vs Used Jeep

There’s no car that quite compares to a Jeep Wrangler. This well-built American-made icon gives you a taste of true offroad power. The Jeep is built to stand the test of time. So, how does a new vs used Jeep Wrangler compare?

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woman shaking a mans hand and blog title

When is the Best Time to Sell My Used Car?

The used car market is constantly in flux, and can feel like a roller coaster ride. So, “when” you sell your used car is more important than you might think. Keep reading to learn the best time to sell your used car!

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2022's best used electric vehicles cover photo

2023’s Best Used Electric Vehicles

Want to buy an electric car, but don’t want to pay new car prices?
No matter what you want, there’s a used electric vehicle for you!
If you’ve been contemplating buying a used EV and reduce your carbon footprint, check out this list of 2022’s best used electric cars.

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line of SUV tailgates

SUVs with the Best Gas Mileage

Fuel-efficient SUVs are now available to buy in both the new and used market. The trick is finding a used SUV with the best gas mileage that also checks all of your boxes in terms of style, size, and other features that suit your needs.

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ford f-150 vs ram 1500

Used Ford F-150 vs Used Ram 1500

Whenever you think of a pick-up truck, your mind will generally go to one of two vehicles: the Ford F-150 or the Ram 1500. These iconic pick-ups have been constant in the brand’s lineups for decades and, unsurprisingly, they’re a hit on the used car market as well. These vehicles have been built to handle anything life can throw at them, so even when you’re buying a 20-year-old model, there’s still plenty of life left in it.

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